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What is an aspiring client?

In my experience, an aspiring client is one that is motivated, committed and goal-oriented.  Whether their goal is to canter, go for a trail ride or compete at shows, the client must make the time and effort to become proficient and by doing so, feels great satisfaction when their goals are achieved.  The growth and development of both horse and rider is a journey.  This journey can be filled with "highs and lows" but the challenges and break-throughs are what create success.  Nothing is more exhilarating than witnessing the progression and development of horse and rider.  

The process of becoming proficient requires many traits, including patience, perseverance and also having "eyes on the ground".  There are advantages to trainers riding client horses but, by riding one's own horse, it allows for personal achievement and accountability.

An aspiring client has no age limit and shouldn't feel confined to one discipline or the show arena.  From youth to seniors and many disciplines from Dressage, jumping and equitation, I am happy to be the trainer or coach to achieve your equine aspirations!

Adult Riders

Junior Riders

Tessa and Livvy

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