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Kelly & Andy

The story of two partners who have helped show the world the beauty of the American West

JB Andrew, or "Andy" to his friends, was born a free mustang in 1985 in Nevada and captured within his first year and taken to a holding facility in Texas until he was ready to break. At the age of two, Andy was taken to the Canyon City Prison where inmates broke him to ride. Ginger, Andy's original owner, visited the prison to find a mustang in order to preserve a part of American heritage. She paid $125 to the program for his adoption and a pair of new cowboy boots to the prisoner who broke Andy. She named him J.B. Andrew after his prison break (J.B. short for Jail Bird). Later, Ginger brought him to Golden where she met Kelly. After Kelly's horse went lame, she started to ride and train Andy.

Kelly and Ginger formed a friendship forged thru Andy. Kelly continued to ride and show Andy even after her horse was sound. Initially Andy had no personality and would just stand in the cross-ties. As he and Kelly progressed in training, he developed strength and a huge heart, trying to please Kelly at whatever they tried. His big heart is why Andy made it so far in the dressage world. He had arthritis and quarter-cracks on his front feet, but continued to give everything he had. Andy matured to a LARGE 16.3 hh with size 5 feet, but because he is part draft horse, he appears well over 17 hh.

Pictured to the right: Andy & his original owner, Ginger

At the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, Kelly met Peter Stone, the grandson of the man who started Breyer Horses. Peter watched Andy perform and met him, after which he knew he wanted to make a Breyer model of Andy. There were only 10,000 models made and over 14,000 orders taken. Kelly still has people tell her today how excited they are to own his model, which now sell for quite a bit of money online.

Andy has made quite a few appearances in his life and met quite a few people, including actress Betty White at the Morris Animal Foundation Event in 1998.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) paid for Andy and Kelly to make his last major appearance at Dressage for Devon. It was so much fun for us!

Andy showed thru Intermediate II and was working on Grand Prix movements when he was retired in 2000.

In 2003, Andy was the first horse to be inducted into the Wild Horse and Burro Foundation's Hall of Fame, along with "Wild Horse" Annie, the person responsible for federal protection for the American Mustang,

JB Andrew lived out his remaining years in Colorado with Kelly, where he enjoyed pasture life with his girlfriend Salcia, a little Arab.

Photo credit;  Phelps Photo, Brian Soule, Dave McRitchie, Cathie Peterson

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